Pitit, Pitit by here......Pitit,Pitit by there.....Part 3 (transl. Dekeyzer-Vogel)

it cannot all the same close a whole airport for three dogs which are caught for dragonflies, crowned Nom of ......!!!! - started to howl an agent, exédé not to be able to put the hand above.

- Does not excite you like that, tells him his/her colleague, I call the control tower to know where they are in their research.


From there high, in the panic which one can imagine, one lets him know that after research, one knows that these dogs were in theory in departure for Japan, and that with their papers of loading one found the telephone number of the shipper.


let us be we joining it….await the orders.

But meanwhile, nevertheless continue to try to capture them, and if it is necessary some, reinforcement will be sent!


- Hello? I at Mrs Grandjean am well? Mrs Stéphanie Grandjean?

- Stéphanie: Yes Sir, it is itself.

- Hello Madam, it would be necessary that you came immediately, your three dogs are escaped, and we are not able to capture them!

- Stéphanie: But, that did it occur? When we left them they were in their cases, ready to be embarked!!!!

I am unaware of it Madam, but made quickly, if not ......

- Stéphanie: If not what!!!!!!

- And well, we will be obliged to make them cut down!!!!

- Stéphanie: Do not do especially that unhappy. You do not go count! These dogs belong to an Ambassador of Italy!

If it were to learn that you made cut down its dogs, that it is regarded already as his own children, it would be able to put a “diplomatic incident to you” on the back!!!!!

I hope that you realize!!!!!

- Of can agreement, of agreement, but be come very quickly?

- Stéphanie: I must cross all the city, with a little chance I could be there in a small hour.

- Still are a question Madam, which the names of your dogs?

Perhaps that would help our guy to bring them closer.

- Stéphanie: And well they do not know their names, but their éleveuse A for practice to recall them by; “PITIT, PITIT”, to that they should react.

- OK but you dispatch, we already had to close part of the airport!


What a history! Stéphanie due to excuse themselves near its customer, and so to speak “to put it at the door”.


Is needed that I telephones at the “Bertheaux”, thought Stéphanie.

And m .....!!!! they do not have a telephone! I cannot warn Anne!

It will initially be necessary to pass by there! 


Stéphanie jumps in its car and it is with open tomb that twenty minutes later ..... it arrived to the “Bertheaux”.


- Anne: Ben… and then, whom do you make here?

- Stéphanie: Now do not put questions, climbs in my car, one will go more quickly. Your dogs are escaped and they are about to cut down them!!!!!

- Anne: I had said it well to you that these cases….

- Stéphanie: Keep silent yourself and goes up, you will rabacheras me on the way the ears!!!!!


Anne, who had the cut legs of them, collapsed on her seat. Stéphanie says goodbye to the “Bertheaux” which them, did not pigaient anything the whole. Then it started on the hats of the wheels.

To the airport, there was at least for thirty minutes. But that's no problem.

Stéphanie made the way with blows of horn, of calls of headlights, offences against the highway code, of enguelades, that while avoiding the accident of accuracy!


And Anne! Anne who did not stop a rouspéter!!!!!!

- Anne: You see well, I were right, when I said to you that these cases would not be solid enough!!!!!

- Stéphanie: In fact the cases are in question!! I think rather than these are the “dogs” which are the degenerate!

- Anne: How, my “dogs” are the degenerate! They are very well balanced, my “dogs” as you say!!!!!

And then, one does not know what occurred. It is yourself which said it!

If that holds, they are perhaps the curious ones which opened the cases to cherish them or I do not know what!

- Stéphanie: It is that! Three cases at the same time! That does not hold upright what you say there! And besides, all that it is sécondaire.

- Anne: Sécondaire???

- Stéphanie: Ben yes, you thought, you----with which will pay the invoice?

- Anne: The invoice? Which invoice?

- Stéphanie: Do not have you a small idea of that must cost the minute, an airport which must close its tracks during close to….that must make nearly two hours now.

- Anne: You do not insinuate all the same that it is ME which will owe casquer!!!!!!!

- Stéphanie: I do not know anything yet of it. But it is a possibility.

- Anne: Stop Stéph. ….I do not smell myself very well ......


To follow ................      

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