Worn pyjamas (Transl. Dekeyzer- Vogel)


Worn pyjamas ...................

When one saw with many dogs, it is obvious sometimes that the vestimentary behaviour leaves something to be desired. Even for pyjamas, one is not made of it too much if it is a little worn, because one says oneself: “Tomorrow morning they all nevertheless will jump me above to have fun the festival to me! ”. It is thus useless to put at the bed in pyjamas satin. Moreover, the morning they do not leave you the leisure of titivate to you , because it is necessary initially to let them leave.

Thus one morning, dressed of the famous pyjamas which were not very any more new, I opened the door of the garden in my Barzoïs. As it had snowed and that the weather was very cold, I did not last for ever with the dehorset closed again the door at once. Hardly it was closed again, that I heard cries of dogs which fight!!!!! Immediately I reopened the door, and it was our “Douchka”, which was to low put two or three days later, which was made attack! When I live that it be” Daphne " which him flank the comb, it be necessary that I intervene very quickly, because it be a Barzoï which, when it of have after somebody, know himself show very wild! Listening to only my “instinct”, I leaped outside with the help of” Douchka "! The brawl was terrible! “Daphne” was baited on the throat of this poor animal. Not being able to make him release taken, I lay down on “Douchka” to protect the belly to him, and I have, without reflecting, introduces my hand into the mouth of “Daphne” to try to make him open the jaw.

Without me to give an account of it, at the end of a certain moment, we rolled all the three in snow between the growls and the barkings of other Barzoïs, which turned us goshawks, in the hope to catch to them-even a small piece. I found itself there, in a very critical situation really, but it did not have anything to make, it was necessary me to assume.

How long did that last? I do not know anything of it, but that seemed to me an eternity, until the moment when I heard a noise or rather a “cracking”.

It was the bottom of my pyjama bottoms which had just torn to the belt!!!!!!!

It was obvious that in the fight this unexpected “opening” became secondary because I could not absolutely release this jaw which choked” Douchka " and which I still did not arrive at releasing it.

Finally “Daphne” yielded, while “Douchka” fled with all legs towards the house! As for me, I found myself on the belly, always fixed on “Daphne” which thought only of one thing….to continue its victim inside!!!!!

I still retained it a moment, time that it is calmed, and it is at this precise moment which I realized that the neighbor observed us on the other side of the fence!!!!!!!!

It did not say anything, me either, because we did not speak each other any more since the day when, once again it “Daphne”, the household in its hen house made.

But since how long was it there? It was necessary that I do something. With my torn pyjamas, buttocks with the air and not of panties ....... that to make???????? Then, I could not slacken my loophole too quickly. Moreover I had the legs which trembled by the emotion, but still, I started with grelotter of cold and I had lost my slippers in snow .................

To join the house, I was obliged to turn the back on the neighbor who was always there to observe me!!! What to make??????

Then suddenly, under the effect of the cold, I felt not that “Daphne” escaped to me and it slipped by towards the house where, rebelote, I intended it to be caught some once again in this poor “Douchka”. I due thus to incur me, naked feet in twenty centimetres of closed snow while holding, as I could, the back slit of my pyjama bottoms.

Arrival at the house, I due to intervene again between my two lutteuses. Finally it is while managing to lock up “Daphne” in the living room, that I have finally peace!!!!!!!!!

Then, I looked by the window, but the neighbor was always there, observing the entry of the house. I waited until it finally left to go to seek after my slippers, not without having to change trousers.

Since this famous day, because I was embarassée so much with the idea that the neighbor could see my buttocks, before going to the garden, each time I looked between the curtains to see whether it were not in his.

Fortunately, two months later ........ we moved.


Real story.....


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