Burglaries of Cellica



“If you want well, we will start with the presentations.

My name is CELLICA. Ego was always said that I was rather pretty girl!!!!! Normal Hm ......, when it is known that I am equipped by “Harrod's” with a long white fleece and gold. And that since my more tender adolescence. I do not have any distinguishing mark. Forgiveness!!! there is one of them ....... I was going almost to forget it, but it is because it is not a sign external of beauty .......... MY STOMACH!!!!!!!!!

That one, believe my experiment, it was not with a daily meal and some Nic-NaC that one could satisfy it ......

Being young, already, it was necessary for me to make work my grey matter to be able to acquire this maturity which was going to enable me to carry out all the prowesses necessary to satisfy this body of most demanding!

And it is thus, which with the drive and some experiments, I became a specialist in the “breakage of refrigerator”. Yes…. forgiveness for my a little “believed” language, sometimes, but, when I think “refrigerator”…. I do not control myself any more! On the other hand, with considering and heard cries and gesticulations of my Masters, it is an activity who was not to make them happy.

During these splashings, I made the division with the buddies. For that I was always honest. And it goes without saying that they were charmed to cohabit with a “T.A.R.F.B.” (technocrat as regards food burglary)

Unfortunately it is always me which made me tell off. There ..... something has to escape to me? Finally…. But all that will have lasted only a time, until the day when my Masters were fed up to see disappearing their provisions with any end from fields. They thus decided to throw me in “prison”.

ME…. “Cellica of Bronze Truffle”. Pier in prison like vulgar bundle. Not but, for which did they take to me?

Of course, I recognize it, I am pilferer. And then? In fact things arrive! Even in the highest aristocracy, that was already seen!  There was however no what to make a cheese of it!!!!!!! 

In my cell I had two Co-held which was not very charmed

to see me arriving. With my opinion, it was to be two “half-socials” whom they had collected in I do not know which badly famed district. When I asked them that they had made the reprehensible one to be found there? They answered me that they were “innocent .....”. It is odd, but I did not believe them. Finally I remained in these kennels a good moment…. then I finished by me accustoming.

Sometimes my Masters granted one weekend of release on probation to me to take me along in exposure. But it was stronger than me. Even there, it was necessary that I prick their slices of bread to them! But still, some delicacies which I mowed in the passing on the fronts of the stands of food!!!!!!!

At each end of these glorious weekend, on the way of return, I thought of my refrigerator. I imagined that, this time perhaps, they would forget to renew me in prison. But I offered suberbes trophies in vain to them, cuts and diplomas ......... nothing made there! They remained INCORRUPTIBLE! And each time, it is death in the heart, which I found my Co-held.

However, a day it was the MIRACLE! My mistress came to seek me in my gaol and took along me to it.

I never understood very well to it “why” of this sudden reversal, put aside the fact that it made me swallow each day, I do not know which potion undrinkable?

But if it were that the price to pay to be able to breathe the atmosphere which surrounded my refrigerator and to more have to turn over in prison….that was worth really the sorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

To follow ........................ 

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