Memory of elephant and a little comedy.....

un peu de comedie

An anecdote of our friend “Cossack”

One day its owner came to put it in pension for one one month period. The shortly after its arrival, here that it is made attack by the old cocker spaniel. A muscular brawl before and in spite of the difference in size, it is Barzoï which was most seriously touched.

The cocker spaniel, which does not release not taken easily, had torn off the flesh of a front leg to him on more than ten centimetres. Seeing the width and the gravity of this wound, we took it along in the veterinary surgeon. But the bite was not as destroying as it had been supposed.

Of course the following day it had a large leg, but at the end of three days of care, one saw there almost nothing any more and it did not boîtait even any more.

Three good weeks later, when its Master sought it, “Cossack” was precisely in the garden.

What a was not my surprise by seeing it to advance towards him on four legs and to sit down with its feet, tightening this famous member who was martyrisé one month earlier, and this to him by complaining all gently! However, not only once, for at least three weeks one had not seen it limping ................ 

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