Burglaries of Cellica Part 2


“That made already a few days that it made me swallow this dirtiness and I was always there! However, being wary, I was held quiet. My Masters were struck by it! They were even proud of me. To say to you….they were until me to offer rewards for my great abstinence. But since” the naturalness “...you drive out know the continuation ........ came the day when holding to with it more, I took by storm this famous refrigerator!!!!!!!

Obviously, I had initially taken my precautions. I awaited the moment proprice ..... that where my mistress leaves the house to go to look after her farmyard.

After all this time spent in prison, I was a little afraid to have lost the hand. But not, in less than two ....... it was open! And I had almost forgotten it ..... but it was as beautiful as a showcase  from “Cartier” .....

And inside, there was all of which I could dream!

Chicken…  steaks….pork-butchery…  the remainders of spaghettis (my preferred dish)….butter… cream pudding….mayonnaise…  fresh cream ....... WOUOUOUOUOUOU ......

All my former accomplices were at the station…. Red, the cocker spaniel… Peggy, the poodle….Strawberry of Wood, the Tibetan…. Rowed, the Shetland…. Sissi, the griffonne ..... Laïka, a colleague and Kafka, my famous son. They all were there, around me, sitted on their behind, the tail sweeping the tiling in a slow back and forth pass, the ears as right as they was possible for them to carry them, the wet eyes, very large opened wide….scanning at home the least made or gesture which was going to inform them of the moment of “the hallali”.

It was not made wait and ..... My mother! You would have seen that! It was an avid and sanguinary fight for which would seize the best piece. It is besides of accuracy that I could save my spaghetti.

The horror in all that, it was Fraise of the Wood which had slipped by with a milk bottle and which was all pouring in the beautiful armchair with small flowers. Laïka was the specialist in ketchup! She could not deny it….she had some until in the ears.

During this time, I had already absorbed my spaghetti and I was going to start a chicken leg, when Kafka hustled me to seize a pot of cream fraiche.

It is sad with saying for a mother….but I must recognize that it is completely stupid this wire. Was necessary to see that! He was turning in all the directions, as if he  had lost north. He sought the “quiet corner” without realizing that at the same time he sowed its cream everywhere. And when finally he found the place ideal…. its pot was empty of course, what a nitwit!!!!

Red, the cocker spaniel, which was to be as old as Mathusalem and which, by miracle was able to move on four “I do not know what” but which, formerly, was to serve to him as “legs”….had just emerged from its sleep. And there….not sad either, the scene! After a fashion, it hopelessly tried to arrive to the refrigerator, but to each attempt “at stride”… it skidded in the fresh cream that Kafka had just spread a little everywhere in the part. While Sissi, which was not formalized therefore, was satisfied to collect the crumbs that the others lost in way. Then, I still opened some bottles….but separately mayonnaise, it had there nothing any more interesting.

Peggy tested well, it also, to extract something from it, but considering his disgusted air….

Since the refrigerator was empty, or at least, that there was nothing any more which is worthy of interest….I was caught some with a cupboard. And to hook it it was a play of child!

There were heaps of tricks  inside! But nevertheless less alluring that in the refrigerator. And by curiosity… well… I threw very to ground to check.

In less than two, all the band was there to give me a blow of hand, because all these small packages had well to be opened .......

One found flour there… coffee….rice ......

Hold, it is very amusing that rice! When one walks above that made as on the glaze! that slips! And hardly I had noted the effect of rice, that “zwipp” the poodle found the four legs in the air, the back in a sunflower oil puddle pool mixed with caster sugar ......

To follow ....................   

15:10 Gepost in humor