Pitit, Pitit by here...... Pitit, Pitit by there transl. Dekeyzer-Vogel

And Yes! There was what “to be smelled not very well”! After was all, Stéphanie right perhaps well? ! Lastly, they arrived at the airport where two agents awaited them for the conduires on the spot of the “drama”.

- Agent: “Ha!  you here finally! They is not too early, because your dogs ..... you can believe me, they are even more difficult to capture than an eel in an oil puddle pool!

- Anne: “And where are they? I do not see them!!! ”

- Agent: “You are deaf then!!! You do not hear, over there, my men who égossilent themselves with your” pitits, pitits “per here,” pitit, pitit “by there? !!!!!

Anne and Stéphanie, in spite of the gravity of the situation, could not prevent pouffer from laughing, while the Chief of Safety ..... him, remained of ice.

While taking again their serious, they were gone from there to join these poor fellows, and with the first “pitit, pitit,” of Anne ....... our three cavaleurs reapplied on the fields! Happy to re-examine their éleveuse, in the euphoria of the meeting again, they are reflected to gallop of more beautiful, for finally threading in fields of young people pushes corn which bordered the track.

- Agent: “Thought of bringing leashes?”

- Anne: “The LEASHES, one forgot the leashes!!! They remained in my car at the” Bertheaux “.

- Stéphanie: “The leashes were forgotten! Say rather than YOU you forgot them!!!!

- Anne: “Not but, you do not remember already more that you did not leave me time to think of it!!!! ”

- Agent: “Ladies, please! It is really not the moment to regulate your accounts! The time is short!.

Stéphanie had a brilliant idea ......

- Stéphanie: “It is that! Ca is there! Remove your belts of trousers! They will be used as leashes! ”

Ca, was of Stéphanie very spit! There was only it to think of such easy ways! On the other hand, it was a question of convincing safety to want déculotter with half well. Finally they approved, since they did not even have at their disposal not the least end of string.

However, this stratagem will not succeed with everyone ............................  

While one of the agents, rather bedonnant, ran after “Natacha” by calling it by of the “Pitit, pitit, pitit” despaired, its trousers went down more and more, until him to fall on the feet! But it did not matter,

“Natacha” ..... with a few meters of him, with the stop, haletante, was exhausted there by this long mare ...... Alors….slowly ..... very slowly ...... while going up its trousers, it gently advanced towards her ........” Pitit, pitit, ....... pitit, pitit ..... “known as it, then it made to a step ...... then a second ..... and sudden ......” Natacha “made a volte-face and left to further camp a few meters by narguant the agent all her height.

Once again, our “bedonnant” had just missed its prey and found belly with ground between two corn lines. The agent, exhausted, décontenancé, exasperated, furibond but not discouraged yet ....... in a last start, it leaps on it! With a hand it retained its trousers ...... other it seized the tail of “Natacha” who, surprised, put herself to struggle in an indescribable panic!!!!!! But for nothing in the world, our “Hero” would not have to release his catch! On these entrefaites, Anne arrived at her help and ..... the froc always retained in a hand and the tail of” Natacha “in the other, it is dumb, but the scowling eye, that it returned the “Pitit to him, Pitit”. Anne thanked it without too much insisting, turned the heels and eclipsed like a robber.

As soon as Anne had “Natacha” at the end of “leaves”, “Nikita”   

and “Nadia” came to join it. In less than five minutes they were, all the three in the car of Stéphanie and the men of Safety ....... them they attached their trousers!!!!!!!!  

It was a large “OUF” of relief!


However, if Anne, Stéphanie, the Commander Stevens, the air-traffic controllers, the Safety and all the passengers of flight “712” had had under the hand the person in charge for this mad expedition .....................................


- Anne: “Still happy that they had received tranquilisants!!!!!! But between us, I suspect them a little of having them” crachouiller “!!!!!!”


A few days later, at Anne, the conversation beat her full and not only at it besides!!!!!!!! At the village one did not speak any more but about this history. In the baker, in the butcher, with the grocer of the corner, and even with the sacristy!!!!!!! Yes, even as Me sior the Priest failed to make a cardiatic faintness of it, so much it laughed by listening to the Maid to tell him this history invraissembable!!!!!!! Is necessary to also say that it was a jovial fellow, Me sior the Priest of Saint-Péronnes!

It is however quite true, that afterwards, everyone laughed at it!

Anne and Stéphanie, who were chamaillaient without stop, but which is adored, had the tears with the eyes of them by reminding “the agent bedonnant” with her falzar on the feet between corn. They were sick of laughing.

But it was necessary for them however to return on ground, because there were yet no badly problems to regulate. Inter alia….the three Zoïs of the Ambassador, whom it will never see, because Anne would have rather preferred to lose her clean froc, rather than to take the risk to renew this experiment!

It thus proposed three pups of a few weeks to him. It was much more than raisonable and it made make other cases by “Kinkembois”, the carpenter of the village.  This one had so much intended to speak about our three heroes, whom it made of the cases so solid that one could, without any danger, to lock up there démoniaque of all the “Gremlins” for at least a century!

When with the invoice of the airport which rose to several hundreds of thousands of franc Belgians, it was, with the great relief of Anne, réclammée with the “Specialists”. Indeed, it was recognized that the famous cases were not adequate for the transport of large dogs. 


And during this time there, in a household of the beautiful campaign Saint-Péronnes ..........

- Anne: “I had said it well to you heind? Stéphanie!!!!

- Stéphanie: “Or Anne…. I know, Anne ...... you had reason, Anne….”

- Anne: “Of course that I was right, but nobody never hears me!!!!

- Stéphanie: “But if, Anne ...... one hears you .......”


AND PATATI .......... AND PATATA .......................

(Based on real facts)

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