Pitit, Pitit by here...... Pitit, Pitit, by there ( part 2)Transl. Dekeyzer-Vogel

Peace finally returned, the employee, a little bit annoyed, requires of them with caution, to help it to put the dogs in the famous cases.

Maneuver which was not done without evil!

Anne still gave him some councils (especially of what to reassure itself) and it is finally Stéphanie which gave them with each one a tablet, which should make them sleep a good moment.

A last kiss on truffle, and ...... bye, bye.

Anne wanted to await the departure of the plane, but Stéphanie disadvised to him because it was to take off only thirty minutes later.

- Stéphanie- “And then, in one hour I must receive a customer, and I really do not have time to wait here with you. I have just a half hour to arrive at home.

But does not make any you, you will see…." ALL IS WEL THAT ENDS WELL  “

- Anne “Good… Ben… since you return at home, I will not remain all alone here. I even will benefit from it to pass a hello to the "Bertheaux."

A long time ago that one saw oneself more, and it is on my way. “

- Stéphanie- “Very good idea! Profit to give my friendships to them and say to them that I will pass one of these days, when I have more spare time.”

On it….they were said goodbye “goodbye”, and set out again each one on their side.

During this time… some share in the airport… our three rabbles, who did not have anything to wax fine words of Stéphanie, erected scaffolding already in the shade, the plans of their future escape.

Did one will never know how all begin?

Did one leave without monitoring too a long time?

Were they afraid of the noise of the engines?

Did one drop the cases?

Whatever is the reason, the result was more than catastrophic!

They had taken a runout powder and all the three were letting off steam on the tarmac, without worrying less about the world of these noisy birds which passed to them over the head.

On the other hand, a pilot of the company “British Airways”, him, was made a blood of ink rather!

And that gave about this in the radio of an employee of the tower of control:


- Here Morgan Stevens, commander of flight 712. I cannot make take off the apparatus. There are three GIGANTIC dogs which run on the track!

- Here the tower of Control….Please repeat if it plait you?

I repeat….Here Morgan Stevens commander of flight 712. I cannot make take off the apparatus. There are three ENORMOUS dogs which run on the track.

Do something PLEASE!!!!!

- Here the tower of control….we send the personnel necessary to make them evacuate. Your flight is delayed fifteen minutes.

- Received, but made Well quickly, we wait!


The employee of the tower warned Safety, then inquired about on the source of the dogs.

An incident rather uncommon on an European airport.

These poor fellows of Safety was absolutely not equipped to capture these three small beasts which were well decided not to let itself take!


Top of its cockpit, the Commander Stevens observed the horse-gear ......


- “My God! Plou of trwente minioutes of rwetard, eye ceye incapabel' S is not even fichiou of mettrwe the hand on ceyes sâles cabot' S! ”


“Not content, the Commander”


More no plane could neither take off, nor to attérir on the track “110”. It was invaded, not only by our fugitives, but also by the agents of Safety, their vehicles, girophares and howling sirens, and all those which were in the vicinity, which could come to carry help to the prosecutors!


To follow .........    

11:52 Gepost in humor

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