Pitit, Pitit by here......Pitit,Piti, by there Part 1- (Transl. Dekeyzer-Vogel)

How three barzoïs in departure for Japan will never see the Fujy-Yama Mount!



Since the years that Anne raises of Barzoïs, it had already been able to him to have to dispatch a pup by plane.

Nothing easier!

The adequate bird cage is bought….to revacciner the pup well is made…. and with all its papers in rule, it any more but does not remain to lead it to the airport where it will be dealt with by professionals as regards transport of animals, and the turn is played.

Nevertheless…. one can make “more complicated”.


Indeed, this time, Anne was to dispatch by plane, and together, three Barzoïs older ten eight months!

It is the Ambassador of Italy, in Japan, which have this brilliant idea!


Anne tried well to convince it to buy younger pups…. that it would be easier for transport, and that that would be to him less expensive.

But he wanted nothing to hear!

It is these trois-là which he wanted, and not others!

Little imported the additional expenses to him that that could generate well.


Well since it is what he wants .....


Since the largest cages intended for the air transport were not appropriate considering the already imposing size of the dogs, Anne applied to a firm which works in ankle with the airport, and which is specialized in the manufacture of case of air transport “to measure” and there….


“No problem, Madam!  We will manufacture you three beautiful cases, quite roomy, in which your dogs will smell themselves very at ease!

To let make us, we are specialists! “


While waiting, Anne will deal with all the formalities.

Times of departure, certificates of good health, vaccinations anti rabic etc….etc…


All seemed well to be held, and however….

It could not be prevented from thinking of its cases….

“Provided that they are rather large…. provided that they are rather solid… provided that….


It also had to find somebody who accompagerait it to the airport, because to make more than one hundred kilometers in the car with these young rogues who had never known another thing that their kennels…. that, Anne could not even the imagigner!

Only with the idea, it panicked already!

It is thus Stéphanie, one of his/her friends of childhood, which will come to lend to him hand-strong for this “crusade”!

Still a good meeting of tiolettage… and here are fine loans for their take-off towards Japan.

And the next morning they took the road….

Anne, with “Natacha”, and Stephanie, who has a larger car, will take on board” Nikita " and “Nadia”.

And no matter what Anne could imagine, the way did not pass without difficulties. They were wise like angels.


With the airport….while Anne supervised the dogs, Stéphanie filled for it the forms of loading. Then, an employee guided them to the hangar where the cases were stored. But when Anne saw the cases…


- Come! she says to Stéphanie, one sets out again with the dogs.

- But?! What does it take to you, Anne?

you saw these cases? They are well too small. One will have problems.

- But finally, Anne….what is what you tell? These cases are not badly whole… a little narrow, I want well, but nevertheless! It is necessary always that you exaggerate!

I you tis that these cases are too small, or if you prefer….too much exigües, skimped, riquiqui, and then .....

- STOP Anne, that is enough! Ténerve not like that!

I am not irritated, but look at that! Not only they are too small, but aim a little the walls! They are too much thin. And did the grilles ventilation, see you? It would be believed that they did that with trays of refrigerators. And it is not plastic moreover. I do not give you fifteen minutes so that they are made the trunk!

- Good! One calms oneself! Stéphanie exclaimed. These grids are not out of plastic, as you say, but out of plasticized metal!

Then, you are too accustomed to taking your dogs for monsters. And finally….since you carried tranquillants for your monsters, you gives some to them with each one and, for the same occasion, you should take some for you, because you begin with me ....... enquiquiner!!!


It is resigned, which Anne will give up the discution. In any event, it knew very well that with Stéphanie it would never have the last word.

Nevertheless, it always had this species of bad feeling.


To follow ...............         

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